A little gift

from Le Code

I am very happy to offer you my EP ‘Introspection’ released on the French label Mare Nostrum, for free.

I hope you’ll like these 4 tracks, and that they will allow you to escape for a few minutes, the time of a walk in the forest. ūüĆŅ


Le Code Introspection

About Le Code


Le Code (aka Alex) is a french ambient producer, mixing ethereal atmospheres and deep melodies for an unique sound.
He is also member of Belle Brume, an ambient melodic duet and hosts a podcast abut ambient music.

If he started to release deep and dub techno stuff, he is now evolving in ambient and electronica genres, and produce music with its syntheziers and pedals for a textural and atmospheric result.

He regularly collaborates with Are Morica and Anne/absurda, who form with him the label Mare Nostrum.