Le Code

Yellow Sacrifice


Release date: 16 July 2013

I wrote this track the next day I made VJing in MAD club Lausanne. It was a techno night and the last DJ finished the night with a Laurent Garnier track (Jacques in the box). Yellow Sacrifice is directly inspired by Laurent Garnier and especially 90s techno.

I wrote it very fast and the mixing process was very quick to. Sometimes, you search many hours the right feeling on a track, and sometimes, it comes very fast. I am happy with this track, because it is a techno track as I like and very spontaneous.

Gear Used

I used my Alesis Ion for some cool sounds as the arp. It is the only track I wrote with this synth, I think it’s difficult to find the right sound with it, but I love it.

Beats by Maschine, bass with a Minikorg.

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