Le Code



I wrote this song many years ago. At the beginning, the track was written on dark mood : I would like to mix drone music and dark techno. It was very minimalist, without really melody, just dark and strange sounds, percussions on reverb and big fat bass.

I never found the right place for this track on my different EP : not enough deep and luminous to be included. So, I re-wrote the track by adding some dub chords and soft synth sounds. It was closer than my usual work, so ready to be released on a dubtechno EP.

When I saw the calling launched by Deep Diversity, it was the right solution : I submitted the track, and now, I’m on the compilation !

Gear used

Beats and percussion are created with Maschine, I added some sample from Noiiz library.

Dub chords are made with a Massive preset I love. This is the first track I mix with the Console 1 by Softube, a magical recreation of the best console of the world. It sounds much better with it, and the mixing process is easier.

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