Le Code

Morning River


I’ve just finished to write White and Black, when I saw an artists calling by Deep Electronics for an ambient compilation. It was a perfect timing, so Morning River is directly reliable to my precedent releases : something organic, with nature sounds. 

Can you hear the water sliding on the stones, when the sun has just risen? I would like to express this feeling when you feel nature waking up. It’s sweet, it’s calm, humans have not yet spoiled this moment of grace.

Just feel free to download this awesome compilation with fantastic artists. It’s free !

Gear used

As I made for White and Black, I worked with my Roland JU-06 for a background and low pads. Other pads are made with Spectrasonics Omnisphere, I love some warm presets.

I used also Arcade for a little sample, and I added a water sound.

Ambient Sessions Compilation
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