Le Code

The end is the beginning


Release date: 26 April 2018

When I released Sunset, Thomas Carmody contacted me for a nice proposition : the possibility to release something on his label YinYang. I am very proud to be a part of this label, it has so many talented artists on its catalog.

I composed 3 tracks for YinYang. I resumed some old unfinished works I found on my hard drive, and I reworked them. As usual, it’s a mix between deep techno and dub techno with huge pads, piano and electronic percussions.

The third track « Dub infinity » is very special for me : there is an old track, and I wanted to include it in a full EP. I was sure of its potential with its ambiance, texture and dubby chords. As I expect, YinYang puts forward this track on its Bandcamp and even if the release ends with it, I think this is the strongest track of this EP.

Gear used

Korg Minilog was an essential synth on this release, I used it on all tracks.

I also used Elektron Analog 4 for some pluck sounds. Arps on TB-03 are awesome if you don’t use them on acid way : I keep the filter very low to record a fast and melodic line on Reborn.

Beats are provided by Maschine, and I used Spectrasonics Stylus and Samplephonics saéples for percs and top loops.

Dub chords are made with a Massive preset found on Lone Forest Maschine Expansion.

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