Le Code



Release date: 22 May 2020

It’s been a long while I would like to work on an ambient project. I love long pads, ethereal atmospheres, contemplative and peaceful music. Some ambient playlists go with me all day long at work : very useful to concentrate and decrease stress, anger or frustration. I need this kind of music to live.

This ambient project is separated on two chapter. White is luminous and ethereal, and Black will be more dark and organic.

For this project, I am lucky to work with Anne and Vanessa from Absurda video project. They went to Sweden at the beginning of the year, and they shot many pictures of frozen landscapes, beautiful lake or road full of snow. I sent tracks as things progress during their trip, so they created the movie at the same time I write music. Ideas are collective, and music and video have never been so close and connected.

Gear used

I keep the same process for each track. A pad plays on the background, it came from a Roland JU-06 which I add the 112db Mikron Cascade effect to make an atmosphere. Other pads came from Omnisphere, Serum, multiple Kontakt bank and sometimes Output Arcade which can help with its loops.

This time, I didn’t want to think a lot with this project, I wanted to write immediatly ideas : the music guided me, it was instinctive and free from intellectual ideas. I think this spontaneity can be heard on all tracks.

I mixed the project with Softube Console 1 and Softube plug-in, very useful.

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