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Release date: 25 September 2020

2020 was an ambient year, for me : I listened a lot of ambient music and wanted to make the same. I always loved deep ambiances, synth with many reverb and soft sounds, so this genre is perfect for me.

For this EP, I am released on Mare Nostrum, my second label specialized on ambient music. I wanted to deliver a luminous music, inspired by the sun and its warm color. Sometimes, when you watch the sun during a long period, you become blind, and this is what I wanted to illustrate with this EP.

Gear used

For this EP, I used the same virtual synth : Parallels by Softube. There are some very good presets for ambient music, and one of them were perfect for this EP.

For Radiate, I used also my Virus . i wanted to buy it, but finally I kept it. It is warm, it sounds so good with the right presets.

I mixed tracks with the same reverb, a Softube virtual effect : TSAR-2 : warm and wide sound.

Le Code radiate

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