Le Code



Release date: 19 June 2020

Black is the opposite of White : more organic and more dark, we are still in ambient genre, less luminous.
This time, I worked with image in my head, and the third season of Twin Peaks was a an important inspiration for this 5-track EP. Welcome to the black lodge ! David Lynch’s work is amazing on this TV serie and gives interesting ideas for creating music.

These tracks tell a story: the storm is coming, black days with it. We suffer the bad moments in our life, but hope and sun come back later : life is is a perpetual cycle, as a storm.

Absürda comes from David Lynch’s universe, so Anne and Vanessa were comfortable to work on these tracks : videos are blue and dark, sometime faster than White.

Gear used

As White, I used the same process : a background pad with Roland JU-06 or Omnisphere, and big pads from other plugins : Kontakt bank of course, but this time, I tried to use Serum for soft leads, very impressive. 

I mixed tracks with Console 1 from Softube, so useful.

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