Kyrro & Le Code



Release date: 26 June 2020

Kyrro is a french artist who lives in netherland. I had the chance to release him on Apnea, and during the year 2019, we discussed about making an EP in common. 

The writing process was long, because of me / I hadn’t some much time during the last months of 2019, but finally, early 2020, 4 tracks were ready to publish. We submitted our EP to several labels, one answered positively. But unfortunately, we haven’t got news from them anymore.

We relaunched our submission process and Jeroen from Deep Electronics was interested by our music. It is an honor to be released on this famous label, Jeroen is so sweet with artists !


Gear used

The writing process was different this time. Kyrro sent me the beginning of a track, and I wrote and arranged. We made the same thing from, and we added 2 personal tracks to complete the EP.  

 I used my usual VST : Massive for dub chords, Kontakt for bass sound. Not very different than the other releases.

Kyrro loves hardware and used synth and modular hardware. It sounds so warm and rich.


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