Le Code

Because of you


Release date: 19 Jan 2018

At the beginning of 2018, my band White Noise stopped roughly for many reasons. People on the band weren’t friend anymore and all negative band aspects count on our relationship. I think nobody was able to make compromise, so there was only one issue : to stop the band.

And with the title of this track, I wanted to send a message to these musicians : the band stopped « because of you », because you couldn’t makes compromises.

Well, I am sure I had a part of responsability in this stop but I wanted to be egoist for this time.

Basically, I composed this track a very long time ago. I wanted to use sounds I hear on 90s techno and I tried to recreate them.

Gears used

For beats and percs, I used Maschine.

The main arp was made with a Waldorf Largo preset, very acid and crispy.

This track was mixed and mastered by Philippe Blondeau at Wolf Records Studio.

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