Le Code

Basic Food


Release date : 25 may 2014

When I composed this track, I discovered deep techno and dub techno. I worked on techno and minimal genre previously, and I thought I was better in deep ambiances than pure techno. I like to take my time inside a track and make  long introduction or no beat bridge. Pads sounds are what I like and make evolving texture.

At this moment, I’ve just stop a project called Le Code VS Kawak, a DJ vs drummer project. We would like to compose tracks and we searched in which musical direction we could go. I’ve compose basis of this track and when the project ends, I used these ideas to complete a real track.

I think this track is the beginning of my deep journey.

Gear used

Beats and percs comes exclusively with Maschine. I made chords theme with Reaktor.

For additional sounds, I used Massive and other presets from reaktor.

Fx sounds are samples from Samplephonics.

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