Le Code



Release date: 16 September 2016

I am a fan of ambient tracks and the possibility to mix relax sounds with a beat. This EP could be called « Tranquility with a beat », and with it, I would like to translate the state between sleeping and awakening, this state you don’t know where is the reality and where is the dream.

This is my first incursion in ambient genre. With huge pads and arp, this 2-track EP try to focus on relax ambiences punctuated by a kick and discrete percs. It’s vaporous, perfect for chilling and summer time.

In 2016, I have just launched Apnea Label and I need more artist to release. So, I worked hard to find new artist, but meanwhile I released this EP on the label. And I think it finds its place between the other releases.

Gear used

I used Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 for pads, it is fantastic for these sounds.

Beats and percs are created with Maschine and Spectrasonics Stylus.

Atmosphere sounds are provided by Sonicouture Geosonics and Kontakt and Massive for diverse sounds.

I used Korg Minilogue for a warm and analog long background pad.

Some samples are used, especially from Samplephonics.


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